Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I absolutely LOVE cupcakes! Out of all of the desserts in the world, cupcakes have to be one of my very favorites. On our trip to San Fransisco last summer, we stopped in at the cutest cupcake shop ever! They had a key lime cupcake TO DIE FOR! Some of my favorite cupcake makers are the ladies from D.C Cupcakes. I think it would be amazing to go to one of their shops one time!

Amazing Cupcakes from the shop in San Fransisco!


  1. I just followed over from your aunt's Purple Chocolat---it's lovely to see a young person so interested in the whys and wherefores of beautiful things, and beautiful FOOD is always interesting!

    I was also cooking and baking and garnishing and making lovely cakes and plates at your age, and followed it on with a long time of doing weddings and parties when we lived down South.

    Looking forward to more of your lovely adventures!


  2. What wonderful pictures to capture the beauty of such a delicious treat! San Fransico has many different and interesting foods, but the cupcakes were by far my favorite part of my visit.
    Keep up the good work!